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Go Natural English Podcast | Listening & Speaking Lessons

Welcome to Go Natural English

Nov 27, 2019

Hi everyone! Today we’ll learn about a common and confusing concept involving expressing a future action. This is about when to use WILL and GOING TO.

Both of them refer to future actions. Although in some cases they can be interchangeable, because there are multiple ways of expressing the same thing in...

Nov 20, 2019

As you spend more and more time conversing in English, you’ll realize that apart from learning how to speak English the way, you also have to sharpen your listening skills.

The sharper your English listening skills are, the better you can speak and converse in English in the most natural way.

When you chat and talk to...

Nov 20, 2019

Your friends and people you know might ask you “What are you up to?” How do you respond to this question? You might be eating lunch, watching TV, or working. It’s a casual way saying hello and maybe starting a conversation with you. Let’s see how you can easily answer this question in a variety of situations....

Nov 13, 2019

Tell me about yourself! This is a common question that has the potential to be extremely nerve-wracking, depending on the situation. You’ll hear it at parties, on dates, and at job interviews. So, how do you introduce yourself in these situations – especially a job interview? We are going to talk about introducing...

Nov 6, 2019

Today let's explore the appropriate use of the English word "Congratulations." You see, in the English language, it's not so much about knowing a word, but being able to pronounce it well or spell it correctly. You must also know the right situations to use a specific word correctly.

For this post, it's the word...