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Welcome to Go Natural English

Sep 30, 2015


Episode transcript below:


Hey! How are you doing? In this episode of Go Natural English, I’m going to share a number one

thing that you need for English fluency.

The first thing that you need first and foremost is not a textbook. It’s not even a lesson.

What you need to know is why you are learning English.

I help you to understand what you need to say in English, how you should say it, how you can learn English, but what I can’t tell you is why you are learning English.

That has to come from inside you. And I want to know what is your reason why you want English fluency.

This is so important for you to think about and to know, because it will keep you motivated, it will keep you going when English becomes challenging.

And let’s face it, English can be really challenging.

So, we have to ask ourselves

why do we want to be fluent in English.

I receive thousands of e-mails from people asking me, ‘Gabby, how do I become fluent in English?’

And I’m happy to help you.

That’s why I’m here.

But you can help me by thinking about and telling me in the comments right here why do you want to be fluent in English.

Why? Really, ask yourself why, and then ask yourself why again.

I ask myself this with Go Natural English, ‘Why do I want to help people become fluent in English?’

Well, I think it’s great to be able to communicate and connect with people, I think it will help you in your professional life, maybe to get a better job, to work overseas, to travel.

You can make more friends if you speak English. It will even give you confidence and help you with your personal development in life. It will bring you knowledge.

You can learn about the world through English.

There’s lots of reasons why I love teaching English to you through Go Natural English.

But really the number one reason why is freedom.

I created Go Natural English so that I could have more freedom as a teacher.

But I also created it to give you more freedom  as an English learner, because you can learn with Go Natural English anywhere anytime.

That’s freedom. You can self-study, and you can interact and ask questions, and you can practice together with our on-line community.

You can join a paid Premium Class, and you can learn more and have the freedom to do that anywhere anytime.

And it gives you the freedom and opportunity to do more and achieve your goals through English.

That’s my ‘why’. I want to know your ‘why’.

So please, take two minutes, think about why you’re learning English and tell me.

Tell me please, I really want to know.

Now, moving forward. Things are changing a little bit here on the Go Natural English YouTube channel.

I’ve thought about why I’m helping people learn English at Go Natural English, and I think that moving forward, we can improve by going deeper with each English tip episode.

So, from October, moving forward October 2015, we’re going to have one longer episode every week

where I go deeper into answering one of your questions.

So, next week, we’re going to go deep learning several points (I can’t even count them all, there’s so

many) on how to become fluent in English.

So, I hope you come back, I hope you check out the episode, and I hope you love it so much that you

watch it, you share it with your friends and that you comment on it too.

So now, you know my ‘why’, you know what’s going on moving forward with Go Natural English.

I hope that you enjoy it, and I hope to hear from you to learn your ‘why’.

Please, share it with us. We want to know.

Alright. So, I look forward to seeing your comment real soon.

Bye for now.

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