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Go Natural English Podcast | Listening & Speaking Lessons

Welcome to Go Natural English

Nov 20, 2015



Episode transcript below:


It’s so good to see you.

I’m so happy to see you.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Please, ask me anything that you’d like.


I have four questions for you.

The first one is I’d like to know nowadays, what is your biggest challenge with English?


Speaking, okay.

Just speaking in conversation or for business, or for using English with friends?

Is there something specifically that you’re having a problem with or a challenge with?

Not work, for wok, just I want to make what I mean clear.

Yes. Express yourself.


Okay, I understand.

And I think the more phrases that you become familiar with and you can understand more phrases and then use more phrases to express yourself specifically.

So that’s your biggest challenge: to express yourself, what you mean to say.

Do you think about using examples?

Because I think examples are very powerful to show what you mean.

So, if I say, ‘Do many tourists come to Japan?’, would you say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’?

Maybe ‘Yes, many tourists come to Japan.’

But you can express yourself with an example, like, ‘Oh, the last time I went to Kyoto, I went to ­­­­­­­­­–Kiyomizu-dera, and I saw so many people. People everywhere.’

So, examples are really powerful.

Do you feel like you use examples sometimes?


Okay, great.

Sometimes it takes me time to consider what to say.

But let me ask you why are you learning with Go Natural English?

At first, I learned from Fluent in 15.

Okay, yes.

It was very wonderful experience.

Thank you.

I didn’t have much opportunity to listen to native English speakers’ composition.

So, I thought I had to get used to listen more.

So, that’s great experience.


Okay, so…

Oh, go ahead.

No, I reviewed each pack.


Okay, great.

Let me ask you my third question.

So, what are three things that you like about Go Natural English courses?

Just three things for example.

Three things that you like.

First, your English is very easy to understand for me.


Very clear.

And your advice.

Thanks to you, I get a very useful mind-set.

At first, I was very annoyed making mistakes.

But you always encourage us, ‘Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.’

So, I have gotten very positive mind-set.

So now, I’m expert of making mistakes.

I love that. That’s wonderful.

And second is now, learning with English Insider, I practice pronunciation.

I watch your mouth and tongue moving and how to make sound.

So, that’s very useful for me.

And third is Go Natural English Facebook.

I think that is very great community, because there are many people with different backgrounds.

So, I can learn not only English, but also very wide programs in the world.


So, it’s very great experience for me.

That’s wonderful.

I’m so happy to hear those three things that you like.

Thank you for that.

Thank you about that.

I really want to understand your experience and to improve the course.

So I think it’s really helpful to know where to put my time and my energy to make the course better.

So, I really appreciate that.

I really appreciate your opinion.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me this morning.

I really enjoyed company with you.

Thank you.

And I thank you for providing us with very interesting and useful programs.

Thank you.

I’ll do my best to continue and to make them better too.

Thank you so much.