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Sep 23, 2015

The seventh step to fluency with the Go Natural English method is to repeat, review, and grow. What does this mean? Well, as you learn you should be repeating what you have learned to reinforce it in your mind. Throughout your English learning experience you should also continue to review the materials. As you blend the new materials with the information that you already know, you will see that your path to fluency becomes quicker and easier. As you review and repeat the material, you will be surprised at your growth in English.


At Go Natural English, Gabby wants you to have all the materials, support, and practice that you need to become a successful American English speaker.  Try to watch and listen to as many English videos and podcasts as you can. In addition to that, push yourself to read more and try writing simple sentences at first, and then gradually create larger sentences and turn them into paragraphs.


Languages are living, changing entities and learning a language should be an adventure. Seek out native American English speakers and talk to them. Find newspapers, magazines, and books to read that challenge your skills a little bit. Listen to music and American English shows so you can learn to imitate the sounds. You can do it!


Episode transcript below:


And welcome to Step 7 of the 7 Steps to Fluency with the Go Natural English method.

Step 7 is to review, repeat, and grow.

You want to review the vocabulary, and the phrases, and everything that you’re learning in English.

You want to repeat the other six steps that I mentioned before, and you want to continue to grow with your English skills.

Find different ways of expressing yourself.

Find synonyms; find related words or antonyms, the opposite of the words that you’ve just learned.

The beautiful thing about learning a language is that you can continue to evolve with the language.

You can continue to develop your skills.

It is an ongoing, living adventure and that is so exciting.

I hope that you enjoy continually developing your skills with the English language.

It is a real pleasure to be able to do that throughout life, and I want to give you the tools and the guidance to become a lifelong independent learner, so that English becomes your tool that you are constantly using and improving on.

I want English to become your tool for a wonderful, successful, enjoyable, and meaningful life.

So, thank you for being a part of the Go Natural English community.

I’m so happy to have shared the 7 Steps to Fluency with you.

Please come back and see me again at and I hope to see you become part of the premium Go Natural English course.

Thanks so much for watching and I hope to see you again real soon.

Bye for now.

Hey guys, one last thing before you go.

I’d like to share all seven of the Go Natural English steps to fluency with you in a free mini course.

You’ll receive all the videos, all the audio, and transcripts of everything if you come to, that’s the number 7 s-t-e-p-s.

Alright, I hope to see you there so that I can share this awesome English learning material with you to help you get fluent.

So, let’s go

I’ll see you there.

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