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Sep 16, 2020

How can you speak English faster and more natural? You’ve probably heard English native speakers using contractions and connected speech with modal verbs like “woulda”, “coulda”, and “shoulda”. Taking words and kind of smashing them together is really common, and it can be difficult to understand when you hear it. It’s also probably intimidating to try to do yourself. 

Trust me, understanding and using connected speech with modal verbs in advanced tenses doesn’t have to be that challenging. This lesson will teach you how to speak English fast with advanced grammar. I’m going to explain some common modal verbs in advanced tenses so that you can start using them now! By using this advanced grammar in your speech, it’s going to help you sound much more fluent and natural!

An important part of learning is practice, so after you watch this video, go down to the comment section and answer this question: What is something you would have done yesterday, but didn’t do because you couldn’t? For example, I would’ve gone for a walk last night, but it was raining.


Using advanced grammar feels awkward and complex. Maybe you’ve avoided it because it feels like it takes too long to express ideas with advanced grammar. Maybe you didn’t get much time to practice and truly understand how to use advanced grammar in your English class. Natives don’t use advanced tenses as often as simple tenses; but, they’re still very important and used on a daily basis! 

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