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Sexy Accent or Bad Pronunciation? Learn How to Speak American English

Mar 19, 2015

Enhance your pronunciation skills and sound spontaneous! Watch this feature scene and figure out the distinction between a sexy accent and a bad pronunciation.


A standout amongst the most troublesome issues confronting non-local speakers of English is pronunciation. It is usually the greatest challenge in achieving fluency. Many non-native speakers may have mastered grammar for so many years but unable to speak naturally due to inability to pronounce the words properly.


Pronunciation is important in effective communication. Having an accent is normal but it gets to be It gets to be awful when other individuals can't comprehend you.


Here are some tips on how to improve your accent and pronunciation:


Think in sounds, NOT in spelling
Get feedback
Listen a lot
Develop a new identity


Utilize these tips as regularly as often as possible. Make the English language piece of your everyday life and notice your speedily improvements!




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