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Jan 15, 2016


Episode transcript below:

Hey! What’s going on?

Did you know that learning English as a second language can actually keep you smarter and younger?

You know, I believe in working out. I go to the gym, I work out! But did you know that learning a second language is like a workout for your brain? And that keeps you smart and it keeps you young over the years.

So, learning English as a second language is, of course, really good for your professional life, your career. It’s great for your social life. It can help you make friends when you travel, or in your hometown with other English speakers. So, English is pretty awesome for a lot of reasons.

But I wonder if you ever considered that it’s good for your brain. Science tells us that there’s several reasons why learning a second language, such as English as a second language, is really good for your brain. So, let me share those four reasons with you.

Before I forget, I want to let you know that if you are an English learner and you want to learn the Go Natural English method, the Seven Steps to Fluency, you can come join that training, that seven-video training, for free, just by visiting my website, and signing up there. So, I hope that you’ll join. I hope to see you there!

Now, for science! The four ways that learning a second language keeps your brain younger, smarter, stronger: First of all, people who learn a second language have been found to have denser gray matter in the area of the brain responsible for language learning. So, that means you have more brain material in your language learning area of your brain. So, you have more brain when you learning a language, basically speaking.

Second, people who learn a second language are better at switching tasks. They’re better at multitasking or doing more than one thing at once because, as a person who speaks more than one language, you naturally have to switch from one task to another, one language to another. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re around people, maybe your family, who speak your native language, but you’re also around your friends who speak English? And you’re switching back and forth? Or maybe you’ve been in a situation where you interpret for your friends or family who speak your native language. I’ve been in those situations and I’ll tell you, it is a real brain workout to be an interpreter or translator.

Next, people who learn a second language have been found to be better at reasoning, planning, memory and logic. So, learning a second language means that you have to learn a lot of new words and different grammar patterns, and that requires a lot of memory training. So, you’re naturally going to get better with your memory.

Okay, and finally, learning a second language will help you and your brain to stay young because it delays the onset of a disease called Alzheimer’s. So that, by learning a second language, you’re actually working out your brain and it keeps your brain healthy, just like going to the gym and working out your body, it keeps your body young and healthy.

So, I just want to encourage you to learn a second language. Keep up with your English if it’s your second language. Or if you’re a native English speaker watching this video, well, welcome to Go Natural English! And I encourage everyone to learn a second language. I love learning languages and I’ve spent a lot of fun time learning Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese and I’ve learned a few words in other languages like Turkish, and Arabic, and I just can’t wait to learn more second languages because I just love it!

So, I hope that you enjoyed this video episode of Go Natural English. Remember you can come back to to learn more about how the Go Natural English learning method works. I hope to see you there.