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Jan 13, 2020

Good News! A Study Routine can be fun, easy and motivating!
Let’s talk about a daily routine because this will help you build good habits. It’s proven to be better to study for a little bit each day than to cram for a big event once in a blue moon. The idea is to develop good habits that make studying easy, automatic.
I like to USED TO as an acronym...
UNDERSTAND my bigger goals
SCHEDULE my studies for the same time each day
ENJOY a cup of coffee or tea
DEVELOP my skills over time
TRY new materials to challenge myself
OWN my results (understand that I am responsible for my outcome)
My study time wisely
Examples of how I would suggest you use your English study time:
Write down your big goals
Break them down weekly and daily
Choose materials that can help you reach your goals
GNE videos :-)
Other materials such as news articles, songs in English, podcasts, TV shows, movies etc
Test your understanding
Try your own examples
Get feedback
REFLECT on your challenges and improvements. Where to start tomorrow?
Build each day!
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