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Feb 18, 2016





Episode transcript below:



Hello! Hi!

Hi Emrah! How are you?

I’m okay. I’m good, thanks.

So where are you? You… tell me again where do you live?

I live in Norway. Actually, I’m… my parents are from Kurdistan.

Oh, wow!

Yeah. They… Actually I born and raised up in Kurdistan. When I was fourteen years old, then I moved to Norway with my family.

Tell me a little bit about you. Are you now, are you working? Are you studying? What do you do?

Yes, I am working now, and I am working in a factory with this aluminum produced from raw material. I like the work, but I just want to change my life because I have been at this work about nine, ten years. And I just want to change my life because I just bounced on someone on YouTube. His name is Jack Jones. He was from Canada.

Okay. So he, speaks English, so you’re listening to him in English. Great!

He speaks English. And about for a year now, just watching his videos and sign up his newsletter.

Tell me more about your goals to maybe do something different with your professional life or… yeah, what are you thinking?

I want to move to America.


Tell me a little bit more about why you decided to learn English. How long have you been speaking English?

It is from the school because here in Norway, they teach English because … yeah, all Norwegians, they talk so well because they’re talking better than me. I’m not… maybe... I’m trying to talk like them.

How did you find Go Natural English? How did you find me? How did you find Go Natural English on the internet. D,o you remember?

I remember it. I searched how to improve your English and like, saw your video, and you just sit there like this, something like that.

Yeah, I have a cover, and image like this. “Oh, the secrets to English!” That’s so cool!

If your friend from Thailand asked you about how to learn English, or, yeah, where to look for English, what would you recommend?

I would recommend you.

Thank you! That’s very sweet! Thank you!

Can you tell me maybe three positive things about Go Natural English?

That you just, you care about people, that is, I think, and you are genuine, you want to help people. That is like, it will magnetize the people.

Oh, that’s great! Thank you! Thank you for saying that! It’s true! But it’s important for me to know that you know that.

Yeah. And that you are warm. Because some other, maybe, I just look at some others, but they wasn’t warm because we think, maybe we think that the camera, the video camera, maybe it is, there is no someone, no one is there.

Yeah. I know what you mean. They’re just talking to no one.

Expression. Your expression, your… yeah, it is like you connect with people.

How can I help you more with your English studies? Do you have any questions about English.

Actually, the main thing, when I saw that you just want to talk with individuals and I saw that, “Oh, it’s a great opportunity to just overcome my shyness or something.”

Yeah, definitely! That’s great! What’s your goal for the end of the year?

I have vision like move to America. Move to United States.

This year? Maybe start. Start the process.

Yeah. Just start. Like I said, I said to myself, I am going to be, I just want to improve my verbal, the speaking skills. I am so grateful for this time.

Oh, no, I am grateful.


It’s my pleasure.

And I really want to know about your journey to the United States, if you still want to go. Tell me about your plans and tell me if you have questions. Maybe I can help to tell you about the different cities or something.

Oh, thank you so much!

Yeah. Alright. Well, stay in touch, Emrah, and good luck with everything.

Thank you!