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Jan 8, 2016


Episode transcript below:


English is essential. It’s the number one second language in the world. There’s more non-native English-speakers than native speakers. And in any case, English is essential for your professional, for your personal life, and for growing as a person. If you want to do business, if you want to study or travel abroad, if want to connect with people, if you just want to know more about the world around you, English is the best tool to do that.

Maybe you’ve been studying English for years, but you still struggle with shyness, with hesitation. You struggle to speak. If you’re struggling to speak, it’s unfortunately probably because traditional English classes haven’t really caught up with the modern English-speaking world. We lack practice in the classroom speaking with native speakers and other fluent English speakers.

The same thing happened to me when I was learning Spanish. I was taking university Spanish classes and I learned a little bit of grammar, how to read and even how to write a little bit, but then, when it came to speaking Spanish in the real world, I was totally lost.

So I created my own method for learning Spanish fluently and that’s how I created Go Natural English, to help English learners like you.

Now, the Go Natural English method is a course online. The Go Natural Team and I have created our best course ever, and I want to invite you to be part of it. Fluent Communication is the best course to help you with your fluency. We cover all skills and you get tons of practice. Compared to taking private English classes, it’s much faster and easier. That’s my goal: to make it fast, fun and easy for you to learn English. Instead of taking years of private lessons and spending a lot of money, the fluent communication course is sixteen weeks long and it’s an incredible value. With one week of lessons at a time, you can study independently online from anywhere on your own time. No commuting, no worrying about schedules. It’s all up to you.

And now there’s more detailed video lessons and lots of supplementary materials to help you to learn faster and easier, and to get tons of practice too. So you feel confident in the skills that we’re learning together.

With Fluent Communication, you’ll feel confident in your English fluency and you’ll also feel like you belong in our community of like-minded English learners.

You’ve probably met me through Go Natural English online, but in case you don’t know, I’m Gabby Wallace, an American English teacher and I’ve been teaching English in the classroom for ten years, and online for five years. So I know what it’s like to struggle with English, but my goal is to help you to learn quickly, in a fun way, and I’ve also studied and learned other languages to fluency myself, so I know what it’s like to be a learner.

Also I have my master’s degree in teaching English, and I’ve taught in the US and abroad, to university-level students and to corporate business people as well.

Check the details below for how to join the course. You can click on “Buy Now” to be part of the course when it launches.

Now, I hope that you’ll take action to get fluent now. Don’t wait on your decision for fluency. Start enjoying confidence and fluency in English now.

I hope to see you on the inside of the course.

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