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Empower Your English: Top 3 Phrases to Avoid

Nov 12, 2014

Not all phrases in English are created equal.

There are 10 phrases in English you should stop saying, according to this US Navy SEALS in this article from

The top 3 phrases that English learners should avoid are:

I can't do that
I'm sorry I'm late
I don't know

In this episode, Gabby's friend and colleague Anne Alexander, a university English professor, discusses these 3 phrases with us. Learn the reasons why Gabby and Anne believe that we should avoid these phrases and which one is the most difficult for them.

Anne Alexander (left), M.Ed TESOL. Anne is a university English professor to ESL learners and native English speakers.

Accountability means you are responsible for your actions. Being accountable is very important to building fluency in English.

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