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Apr 22, 2015

Start your day with these five simple, fun suggestions. These small additions to your a.m. routine will improve your fluency in English. By doing these things in the morning, you will see real progress before other things (and people!) distract you later in your day.

Let’s walk through your current morning routine and see where you can add English. These five suggestions are easy to integrate into your existing morning routine. Make these activities part of your regular routine and you will still be on time for work!


These 5 things will become habits for strong, confident English. Like brushing your teeth, they should become a non-negotiable part of your day.


Start with one or two suggestions and work your way up to doing all five suggestions. Make them part of your morning routine. You will see a huge improvement in your English language skills!


Upon Waking

As soon as you wake up, read these phrases aloud to train your brain for learning with a positive mindset. It is important to begin with the right mindset because it will help your brain to receive information.


Don’t accept common myths like “it is very difficult for adults to become fluent in English,” or “mistakes are bad and should be avoided,” or “some people are naturally talented at languages, but most people are not.”


These are myths. Let them go. Try reading these positive ideas aloud instead. You’ll be amazed at your fast improvement!


You improve every day. You learn every day.
You have good intentions and should therefore always be confident in your words and your actions.
Don’t compare yourself to anyone except the person you were yesterday.
Today is a great day to make mistakes!


In the Shower

Listen to music in English while you get ready. Put it on while you shower and get dressed.


By listening to music in English, you will benefit in three ways. First, you are immersing yourself in the sounds of English, which you need in order to become familiar with new sounds and words. Second, if you listen carefully, you can improve your listening skills and vocabulary. Third, you can discover new music you like and even learn about some pop culture.


Sing along for added fun and to improve your pronunciation and vocabulary!


To find suggestions for your playlist, try these sites:

Billboard top 100 


Eating Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it! You will not want to skip it now, especially if you use the time to eat and improve your English.


Listen to, watch or read in English while you eat breakfast. By watching programs in English, you will benefit in many ways: listening comprehension, vocabulary, phrases, and even grammar. Consuming media in English will immerse you in the language and culture. No matter where you live, you need to expose yourself to lots of English.


You probably already check the news in the morning, and why not do that in English?


Try these sites for news by level:

Advanced English speakers - BBC
Intermediate English speakers - VOA
High beginner English speakers - Breaking News English


If you’d rather watch direct English-learning tips, watch Go Natural English on YouTube.



Commuting to Work

Do you drive, take a train or bus, or walk to work in the morning? Make use of the time you spend going to work (or anywhere). Immerse yourself in the sounds of English with audio on your smart phone or mp3 player device.


This is a great opportunity to explore another form of media in English. Try downloading free podcasts. Put on your ear phones and enjoy. There are two types of podcasts you should download: English-le...