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Welcome to Go Natural English

Jan 29, 2016



Episode transcript below:

Hello! How’s it going, Awesome Go Natural English Learner? How are you?

Do you speak English as fluently as you would like to?

If your answer is, “No!” then this episode is for you!

Do you wonder what you’re doing wrong? Do you wonder...

Jan 21, 2016


Episode transcript below:


Hey! How’s it going?

I’m so excited to talk to you about reading today, because a lot of Go Natural English learners have asked me, “How can I read faster, better? How can I enjoy it more? How can reading help me learn English?”


Jan 15, 2016


Episode transcript below:

Hey! What’s going on?

Did you know that learning English as a second language can actually keep you smarter and younger?

You know, I believe in working out. I go to the gym, I work out! But did you know that learning a second language is like a...

Jan 8, 2016


Episode transcript below:


English is essential. It’s the number one second language in the world. There’s more non-native English-speakers than native speakers. And in any case, English is essential for your professional, for your personal life, and for growing as...

Jan 1, 2016


Episode transcript below:

Hey, awesome Go Natural English Learner! What’s up? How are you doing?

I get a question several times… I’ve gotten this question so many times: should I learn English with a native speaker or is it okay to learn with a non-native speaker?...