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Welcome to Go Natural English

Apr 29, 2015

How good listener are you? Do you easily understand when you listen to conversations of native English speakers? How important is your listening skills in effective English communication?


Hearing is different from listening. Listening is more of understanding the content of a conversation while hearing is not focusing...

Apr 28, 2015

Why do you study what you study? Why do you study English? How do you choose the things that you want to learn? Is it based on what you like? Importance? Or difficulty? How do you study? What are your methods?


It is important not to waste time on the things that we don’t need to study and focus more on the useful...

Does the expression EXCUSE ME mean surprise or complaint? Speak English like a Native

Apr 24, 2015

There are words and phrases that get different meaning depending on what in intonation and stress you put in to it. This is not always taught in a traditional English classroom.


Learning how to control your intonation and using intonation like an Native English Speaker is even more important than...

Apr 22, 2015

Start your day with these five simple, fun suggestions. These small additions to your a.m. routine will improve your fluency in English. By doing these things in the morning, you will see real progress before other things (and people!) distract you later in your day.

Let’s walk through your current morning routine and...

Apr 20, 2015

In this tip, Gabby answered the  great question, “how long will it take me to be fluent in English?”.

As we all know, learning a language is not an easy thing. We need to invest time, effort and sometimes even money.


With this kind of skill that you want to acquire, time is very essential. One must allot plenty of...