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May 22, 2015

Have you had enough English this week? Not even close. Come see what you’ve been missing. Go Natural English makes learning an exciting adventure, not something to avoid.

In this lesson, Gabby makes it easy to see events in time by using the terms “have/has had”. This is a way of using the present perfect tense in English to take an event from the past and connect it to the present. This is a technique describing an event that has not necessarily been completed.






If you say, “I had to study a lot this week”, it indicates that the act of studying was started and completed. However, by saying, “I have had a lot of studying this week”, it indicates that while you had a lot of studying so far this week, there might be more studying to come.

English is a living language. Becoming fluent will help you meet people, develop relationships, and accomplish things. Understanding the terms, “have/has had” will let you speak conversationally and express yourself more clearly. Go Natural English will not only increase your knowledge of the language, but it will also give you the confidence to go out and practice your English.

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