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Apr 28, 2015

Why do you study what you study? Why do you study English? How do you choose the things that you want to learn? Is it based on what you like? Importance? Or difficulty? How do you study? What are your methods?


It is important not to waste time on the things that we don’t need to study and focus more on the useful ones. Time is important especially when learning a language like English. You need exert much time on practicing or applying what you learn. It is one of the most effective ways to be fluent.


We all know that the most confusing part of the English language is grammar. In this podcast episode, Gabby talks about the two verb tenses in English language that you need to stop studying.


Here are the above-mentioned tenses:


Past Perfect Continuous - He had been studying.
Future Perfect Continuous - He will have been studying.


Many English learners are confused on how to use these verb tenses. It is not easy to find a good example to be able to understand them easily. The reason is that they are already outdated, no one uses them nowadays.


Gabby suggests focusing more on basic tenses that most learners use. It will save you much time and will be able to studying the helpful ones.


Basic Tenses


Present Simple
Present Continuous
Past Simple
Past Continuous
Future Simple
Future Continuous


Mastering these verb tenses will help you a lot in communicating using the English language confidently and comfortably.


Let’s focus more on the thing that would help us improve our skills. Make it a habit to use the English language in communicating with people and you will see your improvements in no time.


Photo Credit: Michael Gil

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