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Mar 4, 2016


Episode transcript below:


Hey. How’s it going?

You know, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from Go Natural English learners like you asking me, “Where should I start?” You know, English is a big language with lots of words. So, if you want to know where to begin, in this episode, I’m going to share the top ten English nouns. These are the most popular nouns that are used the most in the English language.

So, before I forget, before I tell you the top ten nouns, I want to tell you that I have a free training on the Go Natural English website that will help you to understand how to learn English independently. So, come over to and I’ll be happy to share that free training with you.

So, now I’m going to check on my laptop. I have the top ten words in the English language and, actually, these are not just the top ten words in general, because that would include articles like “the” or “a”, which are actually the most common words. But I wanted to tell you the most common nouns because I think that’s more helpful. Don’t you? Okay.

So, the number ten – we’re going to countdown from ten – the number ten most common word in English is “hand”. “Hand!” Can you believe it? That’s interesting. It’s probably because there’s some idioms in English that include the word “hand”, like, “Could you give me a hand?”

Number nine is the word, “life”. “Life.” We talk about life a lot. It makes sense.

Number eight. The number eight most popular word is “world” and I know this word is quite difficult to pronounce for a lot of English language learners. So, try repeating if after me now: “world”. Okay. Very good.

Number seven is “man”. Okay.

Number six is “thing”. This is also kind of a difficult sound, the “t-h” sound, so try repeating this word after me: “thing”. Awesome!

Number five is “day”.

Four is “way”. It rhymes with “day”.

Number three is “year”.

Number two is “person”.

And the number one most popular noun in English is “time”.

So, now it’s time to end this episode. I just want to thank you for watching and, hey, if you want to learn more of the most common words and phrases in American English, I recommend that you purchase the Go Natural English audio e-book, “The 100 Most Common Phrases in American English.” You can find out more about that at So, I’ll see you there. Come check it out. See if it will benefit you and your English fluency. I think it will!

Bye for now!

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