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Aug 31, 2020

Most of the world, including the United States, has been under lockdown for several months. How can we learn English during this time? How does this affect our work and lives? Download the Duolingo app for free to help you learn English now:

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👉👉👉 CHAPTERS of this podcast to skip ahead:

0:00 - Today we're talking about learning language and working under lockdown

3:25 - How I study foreign languages during my free time (for free) 4:25 - Traditional ways of learning English aren't available now 5:50 - Why it is important to focus on one language learning skill at a time

6:25 - 10 Free Ways to improve your English language skills during lockdown

13:11 - How to use these free ways of learning language quickly and develop good study habits easily

15:00 - How Duolingo helps us to stay motivated and help us learn a language like English and other languages too

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